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Your home is always under attack. Whether it’s furious snowstorms, gusting winds, or organic debris, the elements are continually putting your home’s exterior to the test. Over time, those attacks add up. They cause a build-up of certain unwanted substances like dirt and mildew, staining surfaces in the process.

What is Power Washing?

Power washing means using pressurized water on the exterior of your home to remove unwanted surface materials. This includes things like dirt, mud, mildew, mold, and other contaminants, all of which naturally build up on your home over time.

By using a combination of pressurized water and a bio-degradable cleaning agent, our team can provide an efficient and effective solution for cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home.

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Additional Benefits of Power Washing Your House

Curb appeal

Removing gunk from your house leaves a fresh and newer appearance, making it much more vibrant and pleasant to see. It’s not uncommon for a power washing customer to see a dramatic difference when they have their home cleaned for the first time.

Power washing also makes your house stand out when putting your home on the market.


Aside from the visible factors, there are other benefits to getting your home power washed.

For example, power washing is an affordable form of preventative maintenance for your home’s exterior surfaces. By keeping your home’s exterior free of unwanted build-up, you can reduce the risk of damage to exterior surfaces. Excess dirt build-up, mildew, bird dropping, and mold can cause rot and speed up the deterioration of exterior surfaces.


Power washing is also one of the least expensive ways to clean the exterior of your home because of the time it saves.

Compared to other cleaning methods for your home’s exterior, using a pressure washing service saves valuable time. The process doesn’t involve mixing cleaning solutions, climbing ladders, or endless scrubbing. Instead, power washer operators can efficiently clean from the ground.

Additionally, when you partner with BrightHouse, you can enroll in recurring or seasonal services at a discounted rate.

Overall, power washing services won’t be as expensive as some alternatives because the workers need less time to complete each job.

Not only does BrightHouse save you time, but it is also more effective. Pressurized water combined with a bio-degradable cleaning agent will go a lot further toward cleaning a home than using a garden hose or handwashing would. Overall, that method would take hours longer and for a fraction of the results.

Health benefits

Finally, there are some indirect health benefits for you and your family. Power washing reduces the level of allergens on the surface of your home. This is particularly true in the spring and fall when allergic reactions are at their peak.

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Why You Should Hire A BrightHouse Professional

There is a ton of upside to cleaning the exterior your home regularly, but is there any downside? If you’re planning on cleaning the house yourself, the answer might be yes. Without proper professional training, pressure washing as a DIY project can get messy quickly.

When you work with a professional power washing company like BrightHouse, you can be confident you aren’t putting your property at risk.

Too Much Pressure Gets Water Inside

When you spray your home with a pressure washer, you do run a slight risk of getting the interior of your house wet. Your house is structured to withstand rain and inclement weather conditions, so this only becomes a risk when the water pressure reaches a certain PSI threshold.

Not knowing the limits of your exterior material could result in soggy carpet, wet attics, and mold. For this reason, you should always consider partnering with BrightHouse instead of attempting to gauge the water pressure yourself.

Damaged Siding

In a similar vein, applying too much pressure to your home could potentially damage the siding of your house. This is especially true if your home is older or in a more fragile condition.

While it is a concern, it’s generally considered a mild one. Your home will more than likely be able to withhold moderate water pressure.

Destroy Window Screens

Windows are among the most sensitive parts of your home when it comes to outside forces.

You should make sure you securely fasten all of your windows before a power washing appointment. That way, you’ll ensure there isn’t any unwanted movement and that there isn’t any water coming into your home.

BrightHouse Solves All Of This

In a lot of ways, power washing your home shouldn’t be considered a DIY project. Hiring BrightHouse is an easy and cost-effective way to relieve the stress since professionals will have a deeper understanding of how much pressure a house can take.

Power Washing Steps

The Best Time To Get A Power Wash

While your house could always use a little extra care and attention, there are some times of the year or certain circumstances where it stands to make the most significant impact.

Moving homes

If you are moving into a new home and want to start things fresh, or if you are the seller getting ready to go to market, it’s a great time to power wash your home.

Getting a power wash done right when you move in will get you started on the right foot. Setting up a multi-year contract with BrightHouse will save you time and money while keeping your house looking fresh.

Also, power washing is a great way to freshen up your home just before an appraisal. The exterior of your home is the first impression a buyer will have. If your house has mold and gunk on the porch, potential buyers won’t be thrilled to see what the rest of the house has to offer. However, if your home has sparkling clean exteriors, buyers will be excited to see what the rest of your house has to offer.


As stated earlier, getting your house power washed in the spring can remove common allergens off of your home.

In addition to that benefit, it’s generally just a good time of year to do it. After a harsh winter, your house is likely to need some help to freshen its appearance.

Once Per Year

As a rule of thumb, it’s generally a good idea to get a power wash done about once per year. You can set up annual power washing services from BrightHouse, which will save you money in the long run and provide you peace of mind knowing it is already in the books.

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